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Farmer's Choice- 5 Dahlia Tubers-Shipping Included

Farmer's Choice- 5 Dahlia Tubers-Shipping Included


Five dahlia tubers-farmer's choice.  


Dahlias will include a selection of tubers including:

  • 5 named dahlia tubers $9-$16 value each 


Grab Bag includes shipping! All orders including a grab bag will not be charged shipping (excludes early ship date). Choose "Tuber Grab Bag" as your shipping option at checkout.


If you are LOCAL and want to pick up your tubers on-farm, you SAVE even MORE!  On-farm pickup tuber grab bags are $45.  Make sure to choose on-farm pickup at checkout!


5 single dahlia tubers, grown at RainySunday.  All tubers are dug, divided and stored in the fall.  Tubers are inspected for viable eyes, individually labeled, and packaged in vermiculite for shipping.

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