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SG RainySunday MS Irish Cream 3*M ELITE

Birthdate: 03/01/2016                  # in Litter: 3                  ADGA# D1786975

Irish Profile 2018
Irish Profile 2018

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Irish Udder 2018
Irish Udder 2018

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Irish Profile 2018
Irish Profile 2018

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Linear Appraisal 2019: EEEE 90

Linear Appraisal 2018: VEEE 90

Linear Appraisal 2017: VEVV 88

Linear Appraisal 2016 (youngstock): +VV, V Overall



                    SSS: AGS Hayseed Farm's FA Flash Dancer                    

          SS: AGS Sugar Pine FD Wave Runner          

                    SSD: AGS Flat Rocks Sea Breeze Jubilee

Sire: SG Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer +B

                    SDS: AGS TX Twincreeks AB Crescendo

          SD: SGCH CS Moonlight Sonata

                    SDD: Sugar-Pine SL Moonlight Molly


                    DSS: Old Mountain Farm Frankincense

          DS: Rockstar Ranch Sunday Stroll

                    DSD: AGS Prairie Wood Chantilly

Dam: SG RainySunday SS Mocha Bean 2*M ELITE

                    DDS: AGS Kids N Kritters Earthquake

          DD: SG AGS Mustang Creek Lindsay 1*M ELITE

                    DDD: AGS Camanna MM Puela



RainySunday DEW Dancin' Dublin ELITE

RainySunday MD Charmed Im Sure



Magic Pants

Midas Touch

DHIR 2020

    Age at kidding: 4-00

    Lactation #7 

    Lactation On-Going

    Totals -

  • DIM: 480

  • Milk: 1078#            

  • Butterfat: 71#       

  • Protein: 46# 

  • 6.4% butterfat on 6/25   


Kidding History

  • 4/29/17    1 doe  Sire-HetlandCreek Just Dew It Again *B

  • 5/31/18    1 doe, 1 buck Sire-Camanna LI Moonlight Dandy +*B

  • 4/15/19    2 bucks   Sire-SG Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer +B

  • 3/3/20     2 bucks Sire-Leisure Time ZZ Armani *B

Show Record


     2019 Evergreen SF-Milker, 3 and under 4 years old-3rd, 3rd udder

                                Best Udder-7th

                                Produce of Dam (Bean's daughters)-2nd

                                Sr. get of SIre (Surfer)-4th

                                Dam and Daughter (Dublin)-3rd

                                Dam, Daughter, Granddaughter-3rd

                                Breeder's Trio-3rd

     2018 Evergreen SF-Milker, 2 and under 3 years old-3rd

                                   Produce of Dam (Bean's Daughters)-4th

                                   Sr. Get of Sire (Surfer)-4th

                                   Dam and Daughter-6th (of 19+)

                                   Dam, Daughter, Granddaughter-1st

                                   Breeder's Trio-3rd

                                   Dairy Herd-3rd

     2017 Evergreen SF-Milkers, 1 and under 2-5th 

     2016 Evergreen SF-March Doelings-9th

                                   Junior Get of Sire (Surfer)-1st

                                   Produce of Dam (Beans)-8th



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