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Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats on our small family farm in Concrete, Washington.  Our goats are bred with mindfulness towards correct conformation, plentiful milk production, easy milkability, and calm, friendly personalities.  We strive to equip ourselves to make breeding, management, and farming decisions by seeking out educational opportunities including conferences, seminars, classes, mentors, and lots and lots of reading and research from those with more experience and new information.  We check our choices by being involved with a quality registry (ADGA) and participating in performance programs like DHI milk test and Linear Appraisal. This allows us to make good choices that work on our farm to raise healthy, productive, friendly dairy goats.

We milk our does twice a day while they are in milk and spend time with them, which means we want them to be easy to handle and enjoyable to be around.  We love what our goats provide for us, but we also just like their company!  We spend a lot of time taking care of the goats throughout their lifetime, and that starts when they are babies.  Most babies here at RainySunday are hand-raised by our entire family. They are friendly and truly enjoy being with their people.  Our kids are a big part of this process; helping bottle-feed, teach to walk on leash, and lots of cuddle time!



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