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Farm Visits and Tours

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We love visitors at RainySunday Ranch!  

We offer tours on a pay-as-you-can/by donation basis, as we want a farm experience to be within reach for everyone.  See below for donation guidelines.

Tours and visits are scheduled for an hour; if you anticipate needing more time, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Life on our farm is full throughout the year, but does vary by season.  On the form below, please indicate what you are most interested in seeing, so we can do our best to schedule a visit that will meet your needs.
Some sights and experiences available to see on the farm:


Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Baby Goats

Portable Rotational Grazing System

Dairy Goat Barn and Housing

Minimal Soil Disturbance Garden

Cut Flower Garden

Perennial Food Garden and Orchard

Artisanal Soap Studio

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Suggested Donation Guidelines  

$25 "Grateful Grain"
Purchases one bag of high quality grain ration for the milking herd

$50 "Fabulous Fencing"
Purchases one 5'x16' fence panel to secure and expand the baby goat area
$100 "Hungry Herd"
Purchases forage/hay for the herd for five days

I Want to Schedule a Farm Visit but I Have Questions First!

Thanks for submitting!

Know Before You Go  
RainySunday is a working farm and we have livestock guardian dogs working here.  Please leave your pets at home for the comfort and safety of your pets, our working dogs, and our livestock.
RainySunday is a no smoking zone.  
Farm Ready Attire
Please wear sturdy shoes and clothing that you don't mind getting a bit dirty (our baby goats would love to play with you!).
Please be prepared for us to spray your shoes to ensure the health of our animals.  If you also raise livestock, have been to feed stores/fairs/etc, please try to wear shoes that have not been to those places. 
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