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RainySunday AR Compromise

Birthdate: 06/07/2019                 # in Litter: 1               ADGA# D2039455

Linear Appraisal 2020: 



                    SSS: Alethia ET I'm a Love Machine                 

          SS: Hetland Creek Sharp Dressed Man          

                    SSD: Algedi Farm CK Seirene Song 1*M

Sire: Leisure Time ZZ Armani *B

                    SDS: Alethia DJ Triton

          SD: Leisure Time TT SilversN Style 3*M

                    SDD: Leisure Time CF Silver Bell 2*M


                    DSS: SG Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer +B

          DS: RainySunday Moves Like Astaire

                    DSD: Poppy Patch Puttin' on theRitz

Dam: RainySunday MLA Lady Gaga

                    DDS: Brush Creek RBL InSandrasHonor

          DD: KW Farms SH Lady Liberty

                    DDD: KW Farms MG Dipped in Copper



DHIR 2020

    Age at kidding: 1-01

    Lactation #1 

    Lactation Complete


  • DIM: 305

  • Milk: 440#

  • Butterfat: 30#  

  • Protein: 22#

  • 7.9% Butterfat on 3/30     


Kidding History

Show Record

      2019 Evergreen SF-Doeling, born after May 1st-5th




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