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Breeding Schedule
2022 Schedule Coming Soon!

  • Changes can be made to the breeding schedule at any time at breeder's discretion (choice of buck, timing, price of offspring, etc) 

  • Price changes will not affect current reservations

  • Reservations are free

  • Doe reservations accepted on all breedings.  Buck reservations accepted only on breedings with a buck price listed.  Wethers reservations accepted on all breedings.  Wethers are $150, or 2 for $250.

  • Breeder always has first pick, and may choose to retain offspring from any breeding at any time until a deposit has been received

  • Those holding reservations will be notified within 48 hours of birth the outcome of the birth.  Buyer will have 48 hours from notification to pay the deposit, or breeder will move on to the next reservation on the list.

  • Babies are bottle-raised and are expected to be picked up by 3 weeks old.  If babies need to be picked up later than 3 weeks old, buyer will be responsible for boarding fees

  • Buyer is responsible for all costs and arrangements related to transportation of purchased goats

  • Please contact through website contact form or email to place a free reservation on the breeding(s) of your choice

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