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Goat Sales

Adult Does Available

We have several does available, dry, open, in milk, please see individual doe pages for more info.  

Available does include: Lilt (in milk), Saison (in milk), i, Cosmopolitan, Radio (in milk).  

Available junior doe (yearling): Mirage 

Doe Kids Available

We have two remaining 2020 junior doelings available, send an email/note for more info.

Buck Kids Available

Wether Kids Available

Goat kids-We bottle raise most kids so they are ready for new homes at 1-2 weeks old, once they are growing well and well-started on the bottle.  Wethers are usually $150, doelings start at $350 and bucklings start at $350.  Kids are priced on the basis of their dam and sire's performance records.  We strongly feel that dams with strong performance records (high linear appraisal scores, milk stars, Superior Genetics, Elite, show wins, etc) and sires with proven offspring, give buyers higher confidence in how a specific cross will turn out and our prices reflect this. Goats are disbudded prior to leaving and have generally had their first CDT vaccine.


Adult goats-We may occassionally have adult goats for sale, you will find them on this page.  We are always happy to discuss why an adult goat is available with potential buyers.


Waiting List-If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for goat kids, or for a specific breeding, please let us know.  We will contact wait list buyers before making babies available to the public.  There is no fee for the wait list.  You can use the contact form on the "Connect With Us" page to be added to the wait list.


Deposits-We ask a non-refundable deposit to hold the goat (adult or kid) or your choice until they are ready for pick up.  The amount of the deposit will depend on the price of the goat you are purchasing.


Contract-We have a contract we require all buyers to sign.  This contract protects both us as sellers, and you as the buyer.  We retain a copy for our records and give the buyer a copy for their records as well.


Shipping-We will ship goats on a case by case basis.  All associated costs (vet check, shipping, crate, etc) are at the buyer's expense and must be paid before the animal leaves our farm.


Herd Animal Policy-Goats are herd animals and we will not sell a goat to be an only goat; they need other goat friends in their new home.  Please plan to buy at least two, or have a goat friend already at home for them.



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