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Goat Show Tie Line

RainySunday does waiting patiently on their tieline at the ADGA Open Class Show at the WA State Fair 2019

Showing our does in ADGA goat shows is fun and a lot of work! Everything runs more smoothly if I keep SUPER organized, and one of the ways I do that is with a tieline to keep the does organized, accessible, and secure ring-side.

I'm sure I could just buy a tieline, but...I have this thing where I REALLY like all of our goat stuff to match! So this year I searched and searched and found some amazing utility rope on Amazon that comes in lots of colors (including ours!), widths, and lengths! As a bonus, it's easy to work with, soft, and sturdy.

I purchased 25 feet (comes in longer lengths as well if you want a longer tieline, or want more rope leftover for other projects) of the turquoise utility rope in 1/4" width and feel it is the perfect size for what I am using it for! Thick enough to be sturdy, thin enough to be able to knot it, use snap clips, etc. I also purchased 2 sturdy caribeaners (make sure they are rated to hold a significant amount of weight, not the cheapy ones), and quite a few double snap clips.

Once I had all of my supplies, I used a bowline knot to attach one carabiner to each end, and tied an overhand loop knot every 12-18" (you can vary this depending on the size of your goats, how tight their show collars, etc). You want to be able to fit your goats in a small linear space, yet not have them get tangled together. I then attached a double sided snap clip to each loop.

If you end up with more clips than you need at any given show, you can use the extras to secure to the fence, or space your goats out more.

RainySunday does on the tieline I made: stylish and organized!

I loved using this new tie-line this season; my does were all secure ring-side (so I didn't have to worry about them surprising me in the ring), and it was so easy for me and my extra handlers (I had 6 handler helpers at one of the shows this summer) to move does on and off the tie line as we moved through the age and group classes, and the nice turquoise blue was obvious it was our tieline! Win-win-win!

I plan to buy more of this rope in the off season to make coordinated bucket straps for our herd!


*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

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