SG RainySunday SS Veridian Spritz 2*M

Birthdate: 12/10/2012                  # in Litter: 3                    ADGA# D1693984

Linear Appraisal 2018: +EEV 87

Linear Appraisal 2017: VEV+ 86

Linear Appraisal 2016: VVV+ 87

Linear Appraisal 2015: V+VA 82



                    SSS: Old Moutain Farm Mithra                    

          SS: Old Mountain Farm Frankincense          

                    SSD: Old Mountain Farm Nilam Bukit

Sire: Rockstar Ranch Sunday Stroll

                    SDS: Flying Goat Jazzy Blues

          SD: AGS Pairie Wood Chantilly

                    SDD: MK Abiah OB


                    DSS: (AGS) Lost Pines KW Foxglove

          DS: AGS Kids N Kritters Earthquake

                    DSD: (AGS) Kids N Kritters My Angel

Dam: SG AGS Mustang Creek Lindsay 1*M ELITE

                    DDS: (AGS) Camanna FJ Majestic Merlin

          DD: AGS Camanna MM Puela

                    DDD: (AGS) Camanna QR Paprika

DHIR 2018

    Age at kidding: 05-02

    Lactation #5

    Lactation Complete

    Totals as of 8/30/2018-

  • DIM: 172

  • Milk: 600#

  • Butterfat: 36#

  • Protein: 22#  

  • 5.8% butterfat on 7/18

Kidding History

  • 2/25/14       1 buck           Sire-Rhodie Ridge Vanilla Chai

  • 12/18/14      1 buck, 1 doe  Sire-Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer

  • 2/29/16      4 does          Sire-Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer

  • 2/27/17       6 bucks        Sire-Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer

  • ​2/19/18      1 buck, 3 does Sire-Camanna LI Moonlight Dandy

Show Record


2017 Evergreen State Fair: 1st-Milker, 4 and under 5

                                    2nd-Udder in class

                                    9th-Dam and Daughter (with Fern)

                                    5th-Dam, Daughter, Granddaughter (Fern and Fae)

2016 Evergreen State Fair: 1st-Milker, 3 and under 4

                                     1st-Senior Get of Sire (Sunday)

                                     8th-Dam and Daughter (with Lindy)

2015 Evergreen State Fair: 2nd-Milker, 2 and under 3

                                     1st-Senior Get of Sire (Sunday)

2014 Washington State Fair  5th  Yearling Milker

2014 Washington State Fair  2nd Dam and Daughter (with Lindy)

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