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Arizona Dahlia Tuber (clean in 2022)

Arizona Dahlia Tuber (clean in 2022)


In 2022 plant A was tested for TSWV, INSV, TSV, DMV and DCMV and was negative for all of them.


In 2023 the tubers from plant A were grown and these are the tubers that grew from those plants. These specific plants were not retested in 2023 so no guarentees regarding virus staus are being made, however one plant from the tuber sibling group was tested for all of the above and was negative again in 2023 (the tubers from that plant are being retained to continue multiplying virus-free stock).


Height in my garden on October 3, 2023: 4 feet.


Single dahlia tuber, grown at RainySunday.  All tubers are dug, divided and stored in the fall.  Tubers are inspected for viable eyes, individually labeled, and packaged in vermiculite for shipping.

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