So, here's the deal.  We are a very small farm.  We grow about 900 dahlias per year, and very rarely grow more than 10 of any one variety.  Many varieties bless us with many tubers from those plants and we have plenty to share.  Some varieties, some years, do not produce tubers so generously.  Appleblossom was one of those in 2021, so we only have 3 available.  Seeing the realities of the "dahlia games" play out this purchasing season, we wanted to create as fair a situation as possible for purchasing this highly sought-after variety for our potential customers.  


We will be holding 3 drawings for Appleblossom tubers over the next month (1/24, 2/1 and 2/14).  Each winner will be given the opportunity to purchase 1 Appleblossom tuber for $9 plus USPS priority shipping (shipping waived/combined if winner has purchased other tubers form us).  Entries will be held over for each drawing (you only need to enter once to be in all three drawings). No purchase necessary to enter the drawing, open to US addresses only.  Check out our facebook page for the link to the form.


Single dahlia tuber, grown at RainySunday.  All tubers are dug, divided and stored in the fall.  Tubers are inspected for viable eyes, individually labeled, and packaged in vermiculite for shipping.


Extemely limited quantity available.

Appleblossom Dahlia Tuber