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Behind the Scenes at Nationals 2019!

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Join Donovan Family Farm & RainySunday Ranch as we go behind the scene at Nationals 2019.

We'll be hosting a daily morning show (The Morning Milk Out), sharing special edition videos, podcasts and articles that feature interviews with exhibitors seasoned and new.

We will cover everything from: Breeding programs and show string considerations Youth interviews, what it takes to compete for National Showmanship Fitting your goat for a National show The production awards explained What's in your tack box Local hot spot tours Home a way from home (a look at how people live at Nationals) Grounds, barns and exhibitor display tours ...and more!!

If you have ideas for us or would like to participate please email Chelsea:

You can find our behind the scenes coverage on both our webistes and social channels:

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