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Farm Wanted

UPDATE-A big thank you to everyone who helped us in our search for the right long-term farm! We have settled in to a beautiful property in Skagit County as of August 2018 and are very happy in our new place. We feel we are home and we are looking forward to what the future holds for us, for RainySunday, and our community in Concrete, Wa!

Do you have, or know of, a farm looking for a farmer? RainySunday Ranch is searching for our next, hopefully long-term, property on which we can raise goats, grow food and nurture community in Snohomish County.

About our goat herd: Nigerian Dwarves are a small dairy breed of goat. We participate in milk test, linear appraisal, and showing in order to inform and guide our goals of bettering the breed with regards to conformation, milk production, and temperament. Our permanent herd will run around 40 currently and fluctuates throughout the year based on time of year, breeding schedule, and herd management decisions. Our herd is tested annually for three common goat diseases (and is always negative) and is managed with a mind towards herd, land, and human health. The milk is used to raise the goat babies, create goat milk soap, and provide milk for our family’s personal use. We are not currently a licensed dairy, but we would consider it in the future if the right facility/situation was available.

About our farm: We grow veggies, herbs, and some fruit for local customers, selling primarily at farmer’s markets. We use a variety of traditional, adaptive, and regenerative farming techniques to nurture the soil, use water wisely, encourage pollinators, and grow healthy food, including: no tilling, remineralizing, composting, covering bare soil, avoiding synthetic pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers, increasing healthy microbiology in the soil, growing varieties adapted to our area, saving seeds, and creating a year-round environment for local pollinators.

About our family: Husband and wife team with three elementary-aged kids. We homeschool our kids, both of us work the farm (Mr. farmer full time; Mrs. Farmer part-time), and Mrs. Farmer also works part-time doing a from from-home computer admin job.

About our vision: Our farm’s saying is “Raising Livestock with Respect, Growing Healthy Food, Living Connected Lives,” and we do our best to embody that as a family and a farm business. We place a high value on the connections we’ve made within our community and want to continue growing those. We seek to not only settle in a place where we are free to pursue growing food, raising goats, and connecting with community, but where we are able to educate and encourage others in those similar goals by teaching skills related to farming/homesteading/gardening, inviting community members and groups to the farm, and providing food to nearby food deserts and community members in need.

What do we need in a future property?

Space for goats and garden (2+ acres, more is fine, less would have to be situated ideally)

Somewhere to live (home with 2+ bedrooms and space for 5 people; or the ability to bring a housing situation)

Land that has not been recently treated with synthetic chemicals (pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers)

Basic utilities

Rent, Rent to Own, or Creative financing

Things that would be nice, but not essential:

Fencing (we can always provide our own via moveable panels and electric fence)

Barns and outbuildings (we can bring/establish temporary type animal housing if needed)

If you have, or know of, a property that might be a good fit, please email

Don’t have or know of a farm, but still want to help? Please share with your friends


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