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Wow, What a Big Job!

This picture of our daughter in 2013 always reminds me that some things are bigger than we realize. In the case of the picture, the zucchini we left lurking under those big, beautiful leaves to get "just a little bigger," turned into a monster zuke bigger than the baby!

I sat down at the computer over a month ago to create a "simple website" for the farm. I figured, if we're a business, we should give people a way to connect with us, see how we do things, show off our pictures of all our cool critters and share what we're learning. was a much bigger job than I realized at the time. This website turned out to be a monster zucchini in its own right. Editting photos (getting photos in some cases), writing down and summarizing how and what we do, and coming up with a way to organize the site all took a lot of brain space and computer time! There are still a few pieces left to pull together, but it's functional!

The zucchini turned out to be the prop for one of our favorite pictures of Rodeo, and it tasted great afterwards too. The website is mostly done, and I am pleased with how it turned out. All's well that ends well.

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