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Poppy Patch FV Pixie Dust 1*M

Birthdate: 3/18/2012                  # in Litter: 4                    ADGA# D1593836

Linear Appraisal 2017: +EV+ FS86

Linear Appraisal 2016: VVE+ 85

Linear Appraisal 2015 (3 days after freshening): VVVA 80



                    SSS: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay                    

          SS: Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay          

                    SSD: Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey

Sire: Poppy Patch HB Funny Valentine

                    SDS: NC Promisedland PAL Playboy

          SD: CH POppy Patch Rockette

                    SDD: Poppy Patch FM Ginger Rogers


                    DSS: Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch

          DS: Twin Creeks Rebel w/o a Cause

                    DSD: Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil

Dam: Poppy Patch RC Cherish

                    DDS: Ponders End ZZ Top

          DD: Esperanza ZZ Charity




RainySunday Midsummer Dreamer

RainySunday MS Beach Gypsy

RainySunday Kona Magic

RainySunday ST Isle of Calypso

RainySunday ST Syren Song

DHIR 2018

    Age at kidding: 5-11

    Lactation #4

    Lactation On-Going

    Totals as of 4/5/2018-

  • DIM: 56

  • Milk: 200#

  • Butterfat: 14#

  • Protein: 9#        

  • 6.1% butterfat on 4/5 


Kidding History

  • 5/31/15  3 bucks  Sire-Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer

  • 3/28/16 2 bucks, 1 doe  Sire-Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer

  • 3/25/17 2 bucks, 2 does Sire-RainySunday MS Surfin' Tsunami *B

  • 2/9/18   1 buck, 2 does  Sire-RainySunday Moves Like Astaire

Show Record


2017 Evergreen State Fair: 4th-Milker, 5 and older

2016 Evergreen State Fair: 1st-Milker, 4 and under 5

2015 Evergreen State Fair: 2nd-Milker, 3 and under 4

                              Best Udder- 6th

                              Dairy Herd-4th

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