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SG RainySunday MS My Juliet 2*M ELITE (retired)

Birthdate: 12/19/14                     # in Litter: 4                   ADGA# D1728244

We have chosen to retire Juliet from breeding.  She endured a shoulder/knee injury in 2017 that she just never recovered well from and out of desire to do what is best for this sweet girl, she will no longer be bred.


Linear Appraisal 2017: VVV+ 86

Linear Appraisal 2016: VVEV 86





                    SSS: AGS Hayseed Farm's FA Flash Dancer                    

          SS: AGS Sugar Pine FD Wave Runner          

                    SSD: AGS Flat Rocks Sea Breeze Jubilee

Sire: Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer +B

                    SDS: AGS TX Twincreeks AB Crescendo

          SD: CH CS Moonlight Sonata

                    SDD: Sugar-Pine SL Moonlight Molly



          DS: AGS Kids N Kritters Earthquake


Dam: SG AGS Mustang Creek Lindsay 1*M ELITE


          DD: AGS Camanna MM Puela




RainySunday Delta Echo Whiskey *B

DHIR 2017

    Age at kidding: 2-04

    Lactation #2

    Lactation On-Going

    Totals as of 4/5/18-

  • DIM: 334

  • Milk: 1028# (920# in 305)

  • Butterfat: 64# (57# in 305)

  • Protein: 47# (42# in 305)

  • 5.9% butterfat on 4/5   


Kidding History

  • 2/25/2016  2 bucks  Sire-Erebor Acres EJ Strider

  • 5/7/2017    1 buck    Sire- HetlandCreek Just Dew It Again *B

Show Record


     2017 Evergreen State Fair (Monroe): 9th-Milker, 2 and under 3

     2016 Evergreen State Fair: 1-2 yrs. in milk-2nd (and 2nd udder)

                                          Produce of Dam (Lindy's)-1st

                                          Senior Get of Sire-6th

                                          Dam and Daughter-1st

                                          Breeder's Trio-2nd

                                          Dairy Herd-2nd

     2015 NWABGC (3 Rings): 5th, 5th, 5th

     2015 Evergreen State Fair: Sept-Dec Doelings-1st

                                          Produce of Dam-2nd

                                          Dam and Daughter-7th

                                          Breeder's Trio-3rd

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