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Friend of the Farm Program
Formerly the RainySunday CSA

The friend of the farm program allows members of the community to purchase a credit from our local farm; community members and the farmers share the risks and benefits of sustainable, local agriculture.


When you join the RainySunday Friend of the Farm program, you help us to better forecast our crop plans for the year, and provide cash flow at a time of the year when farm cash flow is generally slow.  FoF members purchase a credit that can be redeemed for delicious, nutritious produce, picked at the peak of freshness throughout the week and available at our farm and our booth at farmer's markets; are provided with recipes and tips on preparing the farm bounty; opportunities to enjoy seasonal add-ons, make bulk or special orders,  enjoy farm-fresh eggs, handmade soap made with milk from our herd of dairy goats and invites to enjoy farm events throughout the season.


Thank you for your interest and for supporting local, sustainable farming!

What Can the Friend of the Farm Credit be Used For?
  • Vegetables, fruit, and herbs

  • Farm-Fresh Eggs (chicken, duck, turkey, as available)

  • Fresh dahlia (and other flowers) bouquets

  • Handmade Goat Milk Soap

  • Bulk and special orders (add-ons available through our farming friends, bulk amounts for canning, large event, etc.

  • Discount buy days (chance to buy produce that is needing used soon, at a deep discount)

What Else Does the Friend of the Farm Program Include?
Why Not A CSA?
  • Access to fresh produce, eggs, and farm products (soap) at our farm, farmers markets and by special arrangement.

  • Recipes, tips, and farm updates via email and facebook page

  • Invites to events at the farm 

  • Joy and satisfaction from being a part of your local community and supporting a local family-run farm!

While we loved the CSA experience in 2016, we noticed some significant challenges for our customers and ourselves in operating a CSA.  When we began planning for 2017, we sought to solve as many of those challenges as we could to create a more effective, more efficient program for our customers and our farm!


Challenge-CSA runs for a limited season.  The natural flux of seasonably available food requires a limited number of weeks to be able to offer everyone the same experience, and does not offer flexibility to handle weather swings and early/late starts and ends to seasons.

Solution-Friend of the Farm credit will be usable throughout the year.  If we have produce/eggs/flowers/soap available, you can use your credit for it, whether it is March, July, or October (yes, we had food available in November!  Garlic, winter squash, greens, dahlias and more!).

Challenge-Everyone has different palates and culinary preferences and may not like everything in a CSA share.  Additionally, some foods availability fluctuates throughout the season and may not be available in enough quantity to provide to all CSA shares.

Solution- With FoF, you choose your own produce!  If you love Rainbow Chard or Arugula, you can purchase it every week it's available; if you don't like it you don't ever have to have it or feel guilty when you toss it or put it in the compost two weeks later!  Additionally, with FoF, we don't have to create an identical share for all members, so we can offer a larger variety each week and throughout the season!

Challenge-Summer (CSA season) is busy!  Sometimes members have vacations planned, unexpected circumstances arise, or are simply too busy to make it to the farm every week.

Solution-Friend of the Farm allows you to buy what you want when you want to!  If you want to come every week, great!  Every other week? That's fine too!  You can make the FoF work with your schedule, no matter what your schedule is!  And if life gets really crazy?  Your FoF credit balance rolls over from one year to the next!

Challenge-We offer a variety of extras that many of our members wish to enjoy, but because not everyone does, they cost "extra" under a CSA model.  These are things like eggs, flower bouquets, goat milk soap, bulk buys from other farms, and other add-ons as available.

Solution-FoF credit can be used to pay for all of the things we offer: vegetables, herbs, fruit, eggs, flowers, soap, bulk and special buys!  No need to pay "extra"!



Friend of the Farm Buy-In Options

3 Buy-In Levels available to suit every family's needs and budget!  Credit can be purchased throughout the year; bonuses available for credit purchased by certain dates and for referrals!

$200 FoF Credit

*$200 FoF Credit Buy-In is available year-round at a flat rate of $200*

Paid by 3/1/2017

$400 FoF Credit

15% Bonus: Pay $400, receive $460 credit

Paid by 5/1/2017

10% Bonus: Pay $400, receive $440 credit


5% Bonus: Pay $400, receive $420 credit

Paid by 3/1/2017

$600 FoF Credit

20% Bonus: Pay $600, receive $720 credit

Paid by 5/1/2017

15% Bonus: Pay $600, receive $690 credit


10% Bonus: Pay $600, receive $660 credit

Referral Bonus

We love and appreciate when our customers and friends of the farm spread the word about our farm and we believe our very best advertisement is your excitement about your experience at RainySunday! To share the love and express our appreciation, we are offering a $20 referral bonus!  If you refer someone to our Friend of the Farm program (all they need to do is give us your name when they sign up and pay) we will add an extra $20 to your FoF account!