Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducks are an important part of RainySunday and we've enjoyed watching their role develop here on the farm! They have done wonders reducing the slug population in the garden and keeping the grass trimmed short!  A neighbor came over last spring and while walking the gardens asked, "Hey! Where are all your slugs?"  Muscovy are excellent mothers; some of the babies are added to our flock and many will be offered for sale.  Muscovy meat is quite different from most duck meat, more like steak, and we have enjoyed trying that.  The ducks are so funny too!  I love watching them do their tail dance and coo and hiss to each other (Muscovy don't quack) as they roam around nipping down the grass and patroling for slugs! Even just with slug control and entertainment, our ducks have earned their keep!