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Cold Process Goat Milk Soap
$100 for class; $50 for each additional participant
4 hour hands-on class

Class Outline-

  • Discuss safety, materials/tools, and basics of soap making

  • Discuss mixing lye at 50/50 concentration.

  • Discuss various methods of incorporating goat milk into cold process soap.

  • Demonstrate making cold process goat milk soap (simple, no color, no fragrance) using personal room temperature method.

  • Demonstrate making cold process goat milk soap with fragrance and color using personal room temperature method.

  • Discuss characteristics of oils available and resources for more information.

  • Create soap recipe using percentages of oils and provided guidelines.

  • Use lye calculator to correctly formulate oil, water, milk, and lye quantities by weight.

  • Participants make personal-size batch of soap from start to finish

    • Formulate recipe

    • Line molds

    • Weigh oils, goat milk, and lye solution

    • Melt oils

    • Prepare fragrances and colorants

    • Mixing lye into oil, adding goat milk

    • Combining color and fragrances

    • Pouring soap into mold

    • Clean up

  • Discuss curing time, show cure room, and demonstrate cutting a slab of soap


Class Includes-

  • Discussion of safety, materials, process, options, and resources for cold process goat milk soap

  • Protective gear to take home-goggles and gloves

  • Handouts on safety, materials, process, oils, formulation/calculation, and resources for cold process goat milk soap

  • Demonstration of making a lye solution, following safety guidelines, making both plain and scented/colored cold process goat milk soap

  • Hands on experience creating a personal soap recipe, using a lye calculator, making a personal batch of soap (color and fragrance optional)

  • Participants will take home their personal soap creation in a carry box, their handouts, their recipe, and the knowledge and experience to make more cold process goat milk soap on their own!


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