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Cherished Memories

Kidding History

  • 4/12/10*   2bucks, 1 doe   Sire-Old Moutain Farm Mirza

  • 2011*        1 buck, 1 doe   Sire-Rosasharn GX Cadbury

  • 3/18/12*   2bucks, 2 does Sire-Poppy Patch HB Funny Valentine

  • 9/1/2015   (2 bucks, 1 doe)Sire-Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer


*Breeding/Freshening were at previous farm, not at RainySunday

(2015 Freshening) Complete loss

Poppy Patch RC Cherish

4/2/08-9/1/2015                                                ADGA# D1451565



Sire: AGS Twin Creeks Rebel W/O a Cause

       Sire's Sire: AGS Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch 

       Sire's Dam: GCH AGS Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil


Dam: AGS Esperanza ZZ Charity

       Dam's Sire: AGS Ponders End ZZ Top

       Dam's Dam: AGS Esperanza Evening Primrose

Cherish was truly cherished on our farm.  She was a beautiful doe that came to us as a 6 year old.  She came to us in rough shape, so we spent a year getting her in condition and ready for breeding.  When she was ready, we bred her to Surfer and she progressed smoothly through her pregnancy.  When she went into labor, things didn't go as smoothly.  We conferred with our mentors and our vet.  Our vet and her associate came out, and with both vets and myself working on her, we were finally able to get two large stillborn bucklings out, followed by a live doeling that died a couple minutes later.  It was a truly awful dystocia.  Within a few minutes of birth, Cherish started crashing and passed from hypovolemic shock (shock due to to too much fluid loss).


We will all miss her gentle spirit and sweet attention.  We remain grateful that we have her 2012 daughter, Poppy Patch FV Pixie Dust in our doe herd.

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